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Roylance Storage – Your Festive Season Facilities Check-List

Roylance Storage – Your Festive Season Facilities Check-List

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Dec 19, 2018

The festive season is upon us and although, for most, it’s a time for relaxation, it can be a time of worry and unease when considering leaving your facilities for a long period of time. Roylance Storage, the specialist stability storage company based in BioCity Glasgow, have offered up their expertise in the form of this check-list which covers steps for leaving your units for the winter break:


Make a List, Check it Twice! – Consider creating a list of tasks and checks to perform as a means of putting you and your clients’ minds at rest, even if equipment is brand new or has never faulted.


Top Everything Up –  Top up all your chiller units and cabinets that require a manual water feed for humidity. Make sure that you check to make sure water systems are running well and without faults. Don’t forget the drainage pumps and ensure your back-up generator is working, has been tested and is compliant.


Take Stock – Taking a stock check of spare parts for your rooms/cabinets is critical for any emergency situation, it’s a good idea any time of the year but especially when you’re going to be offsite.


Call Outs – You must ensure you have checked your call out system to confirm that you have call out personnel in place who are aware of their responsibilities in the event of an incident.


Prevention, Not Reaction – Before you carry out these checks you may want to also consider scheduling regular preventative maintenance checks to be carried out in all rooms and cabinets, again just good practice all year round.


Remote Monitoring – A remote monitoring system could be the difference between rocking around the Christmas Tree and Driving Home for Christmas. The ability to check all of your rooms and cabinets remotely, in real-time, saves valuable time in physically attending site to perform manual checks.


Plan for Disaster – It never hurts to run-through your Disaster Recovery plans and sample pull schedules to establish any tasks that may need to take place during your time away to certify any and all activity that will be happening on-site in your absence.


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