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Congratulations to all the winners of Scotland’s Life Sciences Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of Scotland’s Life Sciences Awards

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Mar 12, 2019

At a black-tie dinner held in Edinburgh on Thursday 28th February 2019, more than 700 luminaries came together at the Scotland’s Life Sciences Dinner & Annual Awards to celebrate their collective achievements of 2018.  A year which saw international expansion, infrastructure improvements and a record £85 million of equity investment.


From their national network of business leaders, agencies and government strategy teams, Life Sciences Scotland put together a panel of judges to bestow seven prestigious awards for innovation, investment, business leadership and collaboration.


Colin Roberts, venture development director, BioCity said, “The Scottish Life Sciences Awards are always a fantastic evening that brings together people from across the UK who are really leading the way for life sciences. Events like this are so important to highlight the good work being done within the sector.”


For us at BioCity, this year felt particularly special. We were incredibly pleased and proud that three of the winning businesses are part of the BioCity family, either having made a home at BioCity, Glasgow or graduating from our Accelerator programme.


To the winners, a huge and incredibly well deserved, congratulations. Working alongside pioneering ventures and the people behind them, is a privilege.


BioCity winners.

ClinSpec Dx| Innovation Award Winners | BioCity Accelerator graduates now based at MediCity Glasgow


The adoption of ClinSpec’s technology could see same-day detection and grading of brain cancer a reality.


BioCity Accelerator Programme graduates, ClinSpec have developed a pioneering new spectroscopic method for blood serum analysis that is inexpensive, fast, easy to undertake and accurate.


The implementation of this innovative technology could radically improve the life expectancy of those receiving a cancer diagnosis. Early detection that is highly sensitive, has the potential to replace invasive biopsies, improves the identification of type and severity of tumours and which can trace metastatic cancer back to its origin will allow quicker referral and treatment that is ultimately more likely to be successful.


Initial applications are for the detection and grading of brain cancer, however this technology has the potential to be adapted for the identification and diagnosis of other chronic and infectious diseases.


Find out more about ClinSpec


Scot Bio and the University of Edinburgh | Innovative Collaboration Award Winners | based at BioCity, Glasgow


From their labs at BioCity, Glasgow, Scot Bio produce a natural blue extract which looks set to transform the use of colourants in the food and drink industry. Scot Bio has collaborated closely with academic researchers from the University of Edinburgh on funded research projects and two ongoing CASE PhD Studentships since 2016.


Using a novel patented method of production, Scot Bio harness the production of phycoyanin from spirulina algae, creating an entirely natural colourant which is of higher purity and reliability than competitors, who use outside algae ponds. Unaffected by seasonal changes or environmental contamination, Scot Bio extract a product which can meet the demands of global food manufacturers such as Mars and Nestle who recently declared a commitment to reducing the use of artificial food colourants.


Described as a “ten-year-old start-up” Scot Bio are readying for commercial rollout, successfully completing two oversubscribed funding rounds in two years (over £2m in 2018 and over £500,00 in 2017) and tripling staff numbers since 2017. Scot Bio look set to reaching their goal of becoming a world leader in phycocyanin production.


Find out more about Scot Bio


Roylance Stability Storage | Rising Stars: Extraordinary Talent Award Winner | based at BioCity, Glasgow


The team at Roylance Stability Storage have harnessed over 50 years of combined experience to create an innovative new approach.


Designed to be different, the Roylance team of specialists built a new offering from the ground up at BioCity, Glasgow. Stability storage at world climatic zones as well as custom conditions, state of the art wireless mapping solutions, environmental test chambers designed to exceed ICH guidelines and service and maintenance solutions.


Roylance Stability Storage aim to operate so seamlessly that their team of specialists become an extension of their clients’ internal team, making pharmaceutical storage less time consuming and more efficient.


Find out more about Roylance Stability Storage