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BioCity Accelerator Alumni Experience

BioCity Accelerator Alumni Experience

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Nov 2, 2017

DEVELOP, part of the BioCity Accelerator, is a 12-week programme specifically designed for entrepreneurs to challenge their business case, create a business model and to develop the tools to steer their business in the right direction.


The DEVELOP programme ensures that entrepreneurs leave with the confidence and ability to take the next step to make their business a success. Alex Nash is an example of just that. Alex attended the DEVELOP programme in May 2017 to further expand his knowledge and engage with industry professionals that could offer him the support he needed to get his feet off the ground.


Alex Nash is the founder and managing director of Alcuris, the developers of memo which is a telecare platform that will prolong the independence of vulnerable individuals, provide reassurance to their family and produce actionable data for local authorities.


1. What did you learn during the Accelerator Programme that was beneficial to your company and yourself?

“The Accelerator Programme encouraged me to constantly challenge my own assumptions, and to ensure that every assumption could be backed up with valid market research. By following the lean startup methodology that the DEVELOP course taught, it enabled me to have a clearer picture of exactly what I wanted to address, and ensure that I was focused on that goal.”


2. How has your company progressed since you attended the programme?

“Alcuris has made huge progress since the Accelerator Programme, we have received an Innovate UK grant, attracted private investment, expanded our development team and are now working with local authorities to start product trials in spring 2018, which is all very exciting!”


3. Do you have any words of advice for startups considering the Accelerator Programme?

“Sign up! There was a range of companies, and individuals from varying backgrounds while I was on the course, we all gained both a deeper understanding of our own business, as well as making significant contacts through the BioCity network.”


If you are inspired by Alex’s story, and need some coaching in the entrepreneurial field, then click here to find out how our Accelerator Programme can help you.

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