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Accelerator programme, Gendius two years on…

Accelerator programme, Gendius two years on…

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Nov 14, 2017

Chris Genders, CEO of Gendius Limited, attended the DEVELOP programme in 2015. The DEVELOP programme enables entrepreneurs to further expand and apply their knowledge whilst engaging with industry professionals that can offer the support they need to get their feet off the ground.


Gendius is a start- up operating in the mHealth space and their vision is ‘living well with diabetes’. Their app-based platform, Intellin™, is designed to help people with diabetes change the trajectory of their condition by delaying the onset of complications.


“I got diabetes for my 50th birthday and soon realised that it’s not an easy condition to manage, so the concept of making it easier was born. We are currently pre-revenue, but Intellin™ is currently undergoing clinical studies in both reoccurance of diabetic foot ulcer and gestational diabetes.”


1. What did you learn on the Accelerator Programme that still resonates with you two years later?

“I completed the Accelerator Programme in Autumn 2015 and learnt far more on it than I realised at the time! There were around ten of us on the course I attended, all with very individual business ideas, and I guess that we all took different things away from the programme. For me, being asked the hard questions about your business concept were really important. By that I mean questions like ‘is there a market for this?’. If I had one key take away, it would be getting out of the building and talking to potential customers. The other big message was to surround yourself with great people- no matter how good your innovation is, you won’t know everything about getting it to market.”


2. How have you applied what you learned from the programme to raise investment and grow your company?

“The Accelerator Programme gives you the ability to frame your business idea in a language that resonates with investors; be they government (such as Innovate UK), Angels or Venture Capitalists. Becoming familiar with the principles of Lean Start-up and the Business Canvas were critical in securing funding for us. One memory is from the pitch that secured our VC investment. As we rolled our key words and phrases that were from the programme, heads began to nod in agreement.”

Since attending the programme, Gendius have secured funding and aim to have a commercial version of Intellin™ ready for release in 2018.


3. Do you have any words of advice for start-ups considering the Accelerator Programme?

“Do it. It’s a big commitment and challenging, but then again so is being a start-up. It will give you a number of tools that are invaluable in driving your business forward. Also, it gives you a great opportunity to build your network which is massively valuable.  Since being on the programme, we have secured over £1m in funding… there’s no reason why you can’t do the same!”


Find out more about our accelerator programme and how you can apply.

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