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Mar 5, 2018
 5 Tips for Start-Ups

Read time: 3 minutes

‘The most important consideration for any start-up… question everything!’   So, you have the perfect business idea and the passion to see it through – but what next? First things first, build yourself a network… immediately. Having a strong network and valuable contacts can make a huge difference when you…

Feb 6, 2018
 A Practical Guide to Networking: How to spot a Vampire

Read time: 2 minutes

Networkers come in all shapes and sizes – many of them lovely, interesting people that may well become a valuable business connection. But as always, with the good comes the bad, which means there are also the dull, overbearing and off-putting networkers that you really don’t want to bump into….

Jan 2, 2018
 Growing a solution

Read time: 3 minutes

Last month I was lucky enough to shadow Azotic Technologies for the morning; not only to get a taste of the work they carry out on a day to day basis, but to get insight into the people that work there. David Dent, Director of Azotic Technologies, leads a team…

Dec 19, 2017
 What a Year it Has Been

Read time: 2 minutes

Blog by Dr Glenn Crocker (MBE)   So here we are at the end of yet another year: and what a year it has been. Aside from all the great things the companies based at BioCity, MediCity and the BioHub are doing that we’ve reported on during the year- here…

Nov 14, 2017
 Accelerator programme, Gendius two years on…

Read time: 3 minutes

Chris Genders, CEO of Gendius Limited, attended the DEVELOP programme in 2015. The DEVELOP programme enables entrepreneurs to further expand and apply their knowledge whilst engaging with industry professionals that can offer the support they need to get their feet off the ground.   Gendius is a start- up operating in the mHealth space and…

Nov 2, 2017
 BioCity Accelerator Alumni Experience

Read time: 2 minutes

DEVELOP, part of the BioCity Accelerator, is a 12-week programme specifically designed for entrepreneurs to challenge their business case, create a business model and to develop the tools to steer their business in the right direction.   The DEVELOP programme ensures that entrepreneurs leave with the confidence and ability to take the next…

Feb 19, 2017
 Welcome to Nowhere

Read time: 3 minutes

What are the main features of the café/social space?   ‘Nowhere’, so called due to BioCity’s location, fondly known by its employees as ‘the middle of nowhere!’, needed to tick a number of boxes; a canteen, a gym, a place to relax, hot-desk, to have meetings and to host events-and…