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Mar 12, 2019
 Congratulations to all the winners of Scotland’s Life Sciences Awards

Read time: 2 minutes

At a black-tie dinner held in Edinburgh on Thursday 28th February 2019, more than 700 luminaries came together at the Scotland’s Life Sciences Dinner & Annual Awards to celebrate their collective achievements of 2018.  A year which saw international expansion, infrastructure improvements and a record £85 million of equity investment.  …

Dr Stewart Adams | BOOTS

Feb 8, 2019
 In tribute to Dr Stewart Adams

Read time: 3 minutes

A pioneer, an inspiration and a dear friend.   The news that Dr Stewart Adams OBE had passed away at the age of 95 at Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham on 30th January 2019, was featured by all the national media outlets. Unusual for a chemist whose career was spent working…

Feb 6, 2019
 Setting up successful life science start-ups (part one)

Read time: 3 minutes

Fear of failure is a feeling many entrepreneurs experience and for some it can even be a barrier to the success of their start-ups. BioCity’s accelerator programme is designed to give budding entrepreneurs the tools they need to confidently pursue their business idea.   The programme has helped launch businesses like…

Jan 9, 2019
 10 Years at BioCity

Read time: 3 minutes

By Stefan Ogrodzinski – Former Non-executive Director   Happy New Year! As I step down from 10 years service on the board at BioCity (and related companies – Mobius Technology Ventures and MediCity) I find myself reflecting on a fascinating journey from “not for profit” regional venture to National life science…

Dec 19, 2018
 Roylance Storage – Your Festive Season Facilities Check-List

Read time: 2 minutes

The festive season is upon us and although, for most, it’s a time for relaxation, it can be a time of worry and unease when considering leaving your facilities for a long period of time. Roylance Storage, the specialist stability storage company based in BioCity Glasgow, have offered up their expertise…

Nov 6, 2018
 Guiding our Customers to Discovery

Read time: 3 minutes

Tell us how you got here   My academic background set the pathway for my career. I received my degree in Chemistry and PhD from Leicester University and went on to do two postdoc’s in Cardiff. After which, I joined AstraZeneca at their Charnwood campus in Loughborough.   That was…

Sep 10, 2018
 Preparing you for launch

Read time: 3 minutes

Thinking about seeking investment for your start-up, but unsure where to start? AJ, BioCity’s Business Accelerator Manager gave us a step by step guide and some preparation tips for getting your company investment ready.         What are the key points to consider when preparing for investment? There are a few,…

Aug 30, 2018
 Small changes that make a big difference to humanity

Read time: 3 minutes

Having followed Cuantec’s journey online over the past few months, I had a long list of questions that I was eager to ask the company’s CEO, Dr Cait Murray-Green; including their crowdfunder, being named as one of the Top 10 Scottish spin-outs in 2018 and being featured on the BBC’s…