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BioCity invests in tech start-up INCUS Performance.

Oct 23, 2019
 Angels join the ranks of the BioCity Collective – 12 months on

Read time: 2 minutes

Dr. Claire Brown, Investment Director discusses BioCity’s New Investment Platform & co-investment strategy, twelve months on. “It’s been quite a year. In October 2018, we launched a co-investment strategy and a dedicated platform through which angels could make equity investments alongside BioCity, in early-stage life science ventures.   In the…

Oct 9, 2019
 Key to the vault part 2. how to secure investment from BioCity

Read time: 2 minutes

Securing investment is a milestone. A successful funding round means that equipment can be bought, salaries paid and leases signed. Growing ventures can capitalise and build upon existing successes. Start-ups, can, well, start-up. A crucial step towards reaching that milestone is getting ‘investment ready’, which, among other things, means understanding…

Oct 9, 2019
 Key to the vault part 1. how to secure investment from BioCity

Read time: 3 minutes

Figuratively, of course, there is no vault. Even joking about a ‘key to the vault’ brings our CFO out in a cold sweat. Instead, this is an insider’s guide to our investment activities and what you need to know if you’re looking for life science investment. In part two, we’ll…

Jul 23, 2019
 Defining BioCity (finally)

Read time: 3 minutes

  “What IS BioCity?” comes up a lot. While we can happily answer that question, pinning down a single definition has always been, frankly, problematic. With a change in leadership, we set ourselves the challenge to try and define the previously undefinable. Deciding once and for all, what BioCity “is”….

blackholes & bellybutton cheese

Jun 27, 2019
 Black holes and bellybutton cheese. What happened when we opened our doors to twenty-five primary school students.

Read time: 5 minutes

What do primary school pupils want to know about ‘science’?  A lot, it turns out.   We invited Ignite! and twenty-five students from a local primary school to join us for a day in the lab to (try to) answer some of their questions.   The bright Idea. We first…

BioCity Accelerator programme entrepreneur coaching

May 2, 2019
 The rights and wrongs of life science entrepreneurship. Why the BioCity Accelerator Programme wants to help you get it wrong.

Read time: 3 minutes

Will it work? Is the question every (would-be) entrepreneur and business owner asks themselves.   It might; you may be the next Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, James Dyson or Stewart Adams. But it might not. To know for certain, you have to give it a go.   One of the few certainties…

Apr 18, 2019
 Accelerator vs. incubator? What’s the difference and does it matter?

Read time: 3 minutes

Confusion abounds, what is the difference between incubators and accelerators?   Outside the industry, the terms are interchangeable. Within, definitions differ between the organisations running them. As the UK’s first and largest life science incubator and accelerator, we at BioCity feel a duty to offer a perspective. And an apology….

Mar 12, 2019
 Congratulations to all the winners of Scotland’s Life Sciences Awards

Read time: 2 minutes

At a black-tie dinner held in Edinburgh on Thursday 28th February 2019, more than 700 luminaries came together at the Scotland’s Life Sciences Dinner & Annual Awards to celebrate their collective achievements of 2018.  A year which saw international expansion, infrastructure improvements and a record £85 million of equity investment.  …