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5 Tips for Start-Ups

5 Tips for Start-Ups

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Mar 5, 2018

‘The most important consideration for any start-up… question everything!’


So, you have the perfect business idea and the passion to see it through – but what next? First things first, build yourself a network… immediately. Having a strong network and valuable contacts can make a huge difference when you are trying to grow your business.


Be prepared to question everything. This will help you to identify gaps in your business plan and develop more innovative solutions. Learning through asking questions is one of the simplest and most effective ways to learn, sounds easy but we forget to ask! As a starting point the five key areas to focus on are:


  1. Question your idea

Who is your customer? Is your idea solving their problem?


  1. Question the people around you

Do you have the correct team helping you? Do you have the right mentors, advisors and co-founders? What skill set are these individuals bringing?


  1. Question your financial decisions

Who should you take investment from? Why have you chosen them?


  1. Question your ambition

What are your motivations? What drives you to develop your idea?


  1. Question everything from day one


It is important to be critical from the very beginning, this way you will waste less money and time.


There it is, some simplistic tips that can really make a difference to the future of your business idea. If you’re ready to turn that business idea into reality, then the BioCity SPARK Boot Camp is the perfect place to start.


Part of the BioCity Accelerator Programme, SPARK Boot Camp allows you to assess whether the Accelerator Programme will be right for you. They are free to attend and designed to bring together technologists, entrepreneurs and professionals to explore the commercial viability of your business idea.


For more information about our next SPARK event, click here.

– AJ

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