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10 Years at BioCity

10 Years at BioCity

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Jan 9, 2019

By Stefan Ogrodzinski – Former Non-executive Director


Happy New Year! As I step down from 10 years service on the board at BioCity (and related companies – Mobius Technology Ventures and MediCity) I find myself reflecting on a fascinating journey from “not for profit” regional venture to National life science incubator.


BioCity is one of the UK Life Science sectors great success stories. Through the capable leadership of Dr Glenn Crocker, it has bootstrapped its way from “probable white elephant” (FT 2003) to “successful lab experiment” (FT 2008) and most recently “one of Europe’s fastest growing companies” (FT 1000 report 2017).


I could point to many reasons for BioCity’s success, but for me the essence of BioCity lies in its ability to provide the necessary technical infrastructure to undertake Life Science activities alongside business investment, development and growth support services.


It’s not all about venture investment and it’s not all about being a successful landlord to some of the UK’s most exciting, fastest growing companies. Rather it is the combination of both that makes BioCity such a resounding success. What results is a Life Science Eco-System of CRO’s, Patent Attorneys, Accountants, Lawyers, Investors, scientific equipment companies, chemistry experts, marketing and packaging companies and so on, providing the ideal environment for truly great companies to emerge, develop and prosper.


The UK has never been in better shape to develop its Life Science assets and BioCity is positioned perfectly to enable those assets to prosper and grow. I wish the team every success for 2019 and going forward. Bon Courage!



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