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May 11, 2021
 Lab_13 Online with Dovecote Primary

Read time: 4 minutes

Introduction Back in 2019, we launched Lab_13 at BioCity Nottingham. In collaboration with Ignite!, and with the help of a Scientist in Residence (from the BioCity collective), we led experiments that allowed local students to find the answers to their questions.   Throughout 2019, we hosted over 150 students and…

CROs have become the backbone of pharma

Mar 23, 2021
 The epicentre of the drug industry: how CROs’ breadth, talent, diversity and expertise supported unprecedented sector growth to become the backbone of biopharma

Read time: 5 minutes

In recent years Contract Research Organisations (CROs) have become the backbone of pharma and biotech research and development (R&D), the go-to source for in-depth know-how and niche expertise no longer available within such organisations. Despite being squeezed hard by COVID-19, according to new analysis out by Frost and Sullivan, the…

Mar 10, 2021
 Two years later: we catch up with Alex Birks, CEO of Med-Tech start-up Suji BFR

Read time: 2 minutes

We last met with Suji BFR founder Alex Birks in April 2019 to discuss his recent success as the winner of the BioCity Accelerator and find out what was next for the tech startup. (Watch our short film with Alex from 2019 here >>> )   Almost two years later,…

Mar 8, 2021
 Choosing to Challenge Access to Healthcare: International Women’s Day Special Feature with Anna Maxwell.

Read time: 3 minutes

  Today, Monday the 8th of March, countries around the world are marking International Women’s Day. A focal point within the women’s rights movement for celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the globe. The day also presents the opportunity to accelerate gender parity by way…

Biotech spin-out case study - Kinomica

Jan 26, 2021
 BioTech spinout case study: how specialist early-stage investment support accelerated Kinomica from seed to oversubscribed £3.9m series A.

Read time: 3 minutes

Founders David Britton and Pedro Cutillas set out to pioneer a new approach of cell signalling at the proteomic level. Based on the ground-breaking research by Professor Cutillas as published by Nature, with a new proteomic approach, Kinomica’s KScanTM technology can monitor drug efficiency and response, elucidate mode of action…

Dec 9, 2020
 Standout season for start-ups

Read time: 3 minutes

Almost 100,000 new businesses were registered in the third quarter of 2020 (ONS) and we were lucky enough to be a part of some of their start-up journeys.   This Autumn, thirteen pioneering ventures took part in two simultaneous programmes, delivered by our partners; East Midlands AHSN and Oxford AHSN….

Aug 11, 2020

Read time: 2 minutes

So, 2020 has been tough. With the recent turbulence and the uncertainties we face, it’s not surprising many of us are reassessing our options and our futures. In particular, the question “is now a good time to start a business?” is Googled approx. 12,120,000,000 times per month, that’s every 0.6…

Apr 21, 2020
 50 years of Earth Day

Read time: 2 minutes

The companies tackling today’s environmental challenges   The first Earth Day was in 1970, and today, we must rise to meet these dual crises again as Earth Day marks 50 years.   The theme this year is ‘climate action’. The enormous challenge — but also the vast opportunities — of…