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Biogelx is pleased to announce strategic collaboration with Regemat3D

Biogelx is pleased to announce strategic collaboration with Regemat3D

Regemat 3D and Biogelx announce R&D and distribution collaboration to offer complete bioprinting solutions for research institutes worldwide.

Regemat 3D has been manufacturing bioprinting systems and regenerative medicine solutions from 2011. The company along with research collaborators is developing clinical and pre-clinical models from cartilage and skin regeneration to living tissues in over 20 countries. As part of the new collaboration agreement with Biogelx, Regemat3D will develop a new skin model as well as offering complete bioprinting solutions for customers.

“We are excited to see future tissue models using Biogelx™-INKs. We believe that this strategic partnership will expand the distribution of our novel peptide-based bioink products to new and existing customers worldwide and provide Regemat 3D with an extended platform to provide their customers a robust synthetic bioink for use with their very successful range of bioprinters.” – Said Sandy Bulloch, Director of Strategic Alliances, Biogelx.

As a manufacturer of standard and personalised inkjet bioprinters and distributor of a wide range of bioink materials, Regemat 3D are thrilled to add the first biomimetic synthetic bioink product range to the company’s portfolio.

“Regemat 3D is always seeking out the best 3D bioprinting technologies solutions that the researchers need. We do believe that this new collaboration with Biogelx will open a new opportunity to offer something new and exciting for researchers to enjoy a true combination of consistency, reproducibility and value for money. The two brands together offer something new and exciting for researchers to enjoy a true combination of consistency, reproducibility and value for money. We’re thrilled to be working with Biogelx on this exciting opportunity.” – Said Manuel Figueruela, Regemat 3D CEO

For all technical, and press enquiries, please contact:

• Biogelx: Eszter Vuity | marketing manager | [email protected]
• Regemat 3D: Ester Roman | marketing department | [email protected]

About the companies:

Biogelx was formed as a spin out company Professor Rein Ulijn’s lab at the University of Strathclyde. Biogelx™ self-assembling synthetic peptide products have rapidly gained a global reputation in the area of 3D cell culture for both Regenerative Medicines and Drug Discovery. The materials’ unique ability to emulate specific physical properties of a wide range of different tissue types offer new opportunities for the development of tailored 3D models for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.

Building on the success of Biogelx™ core technology, the company designed and developed a novel bioink product family (Biogelx™-INKs) which opens the opportunity for the development of advanced three-dimensional tissue models. These hydrogel-based inks are biocompatible and easily printable, exhibiting excellent shear-thinning properties, which reduce the stress experienced by cells when subjected to the printing process. However, the key differentiator of these bioinks is the unique mix of their properties, which ensure versatility and consistency for bioprinting applications.

Regemat 3D was founded in 2011 by Jose Manuel Baena, Ph.D. in Biomedicine from the University of Granada, Spain and MSc Engineering from Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. The main objective was the creation of 3D technologies for tissue engineering research. Becoming an international start-up involved in research around the world, nowadays its clients and experience guarantee important results in 3D boiprinting.

Regemat 3D is a biotech company focused on regenerative medicine and pioneer in a new and promising area called bioprinting, which uses 3D printing technologies for regenerative therapies. Our mission is to develop innovative solutions in the area of bioprinting and regenerative medicine towards the clinical application of this amazing technology, we aim to improve people ́s quality of life.

The personalized configuration of each bioprinter considering the specific application and the support of our team of engineers make it possible every day to obtaining great results in the research.