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Bigger Than Us

Named “Bigger Than Us”, to represent both scale and significance, our CSR commitment sets the ambitions and intentions of BioCity’s operation as a socially and environmentally responsible organisation.


This intention to affect positive change is something shared by all those within our collective. An ambition to be part of and do something, that is bigger than all of us.

The foundations upon which our ‘Bigger Than Us’ strategy sits is ‘Local Impact’, ‘Environmental Sustainability’ and ‘Health and Wellbeing’.


Local Impact

We create STEM-related opportunities and events for young people in local areas, working to inspire the next generation of scientists.

Environmental Sustainability

BioCity is home to more than 200 life science businesses, our responsibility extends beyond our own behaviours to enable and encourage others to operate as sustainably as possible.

Health and Wellbeing

We create spaces and a workplace culture that contributes to physical and mental wellbeing.