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All Naturals soaps now available at Boots online

All Naturals soaps now available at Boots online

All Naturals soaps are now available to purchase via Boots online store. They are the first company to sell ‘all natural’ soaps made using the traditional cold process method. This production method is time consuming, however produces a high quality product and is free from chemicals and preservatives.

Not only is the soap good for our skin, but is good for the planet, as both the soap and its packaging are biodegradable.

To find out more, visit their website or purchase via Boots UK.

The story behind All Naturals Soaps

Julita Geary was born in 1973 and gained a PhD in Economics and Management. Julita had struggled and suffered with eczema most of her life. She had tried everything to relieve the symptoms, including products recommended by dermatologists. When Alexandra,  Julita’s daughter was born, she also had eczema, but her symptoms were worse.

Through careful research, Julita started to understand the harsh effects detergents, propylene glycol, parabens, hardening agents and sulphates, can have on the body. So she began using natural soaps made in her own kitchen and quickly saw how the combination of natural ingredients in her soaps made a tremendous difference to their skin.

In 2014, Julita decided to set up her own company, All Natural Cosmetics Ltd and started manufacturing in 2015. She was one of the first businesses to join the BioCity Accelerator Programme. Based at MediCity, Nottingham, the company draws from the rich heritage of healthcare and beauty-product innovation made famous by The Boots Company. Product development takes place in MediCity, the innovation hub at the heart of the Boots Enterprise Zone.