The BioCity Business Accelerator

BioCity business accelerator programmes are held exclusively at BioCity Group campuses throughout the UK, home to 200+ of the most innovative life-science companies.


The BioCity business accelerator programme offers:


  • Clear route to raising investment
  • Accelerated route to market
  • Coaching in the latest tools for entrepreneurial excellence


Well connected, our accelerator programme is supported by an extensive network of:


  • Leading thinkers in the world of business acceleration
  • Serial entrepreneurs
  • Senior executives
  • Key industry figures
  • Entrepreneurial peers


The BioCity business accelerator backs promising ventures with investments and equity loans. From early stage convertible loans to help developing businesses get off the ground, to equity investment for more established companies who need to grow, while accelerator graduates can access crucial funding via the dedicated BioCity Group investment fund.

BioCity Business accelerator programmes for every phase of development

The unique tools of the BioCity business accelerator support innovation, growth and success for med-tech life sciences and accelerating businesses, regardless of company age, experience or time commitments.


To date, our accelerator alumni range from technology inventors, industrial scientists and students with just the spark of an idea, to university spin outs and established companies developing new products and services or looking to change core strategies.


The BioCity business accelerator programme features three distinct stages, each designed to specifically support ventures at every stage (SPARKDEVELOP and LAUNCH) ; winners enjoy free accommodation and one-to-one coaching at a BioCity campus with investment available for the most promising opportunities.



If you have a business or business idea you wish to develop and are interested in finding out more about how the BioCity Accelerator Programme can help, then our popular SPARK Boot Camp is the perfect place to start.


The SPARK events allow you to assess whether the Accelerator Programme will be right for you. They are free to attend and designed to bring together technologists, entrepreneurs and professionals to explore the commercial viability of tackling specific healthcare challenges.


An intense two and a half day programme, suitable for anyone wishing to learn the tools and techniques to explore their own life science start-up business idea, or to stress test their current company product, services, and business model.


The SPARK events will give you a new and powerful way of thinking about the commercial viability of any business idea. This will prepare you for any future commercialisation, technology translation or start-up activity.



DEVELOP is a 12-week long programme, a combination of group workshops and 1 to 1 coaching with a limited number of companies on the programme at one time. The application process is competitive and companies will be offered a place based on their suitability for the programme.




  • Identify any gaps in your business case and evaluate the risk areas
  • Help you to create a business model that will stand-up to the scrutiny of potential investors, partners and customers
  • Steer your business in the right direction; reducing risk, time and cost


The DEVELOP programme is highly practical. It is not a theoretical course of lectures, but based around the Lean Start Up methodology and utilises a set of highly effective tools and processes specifically tailored to the healthcare and life sciences industry. Our goal, is to help you discover a profitable, scalable and repeatable business model for your company. This will allow you to build a company with substantially less money and in a shorter amount of time than using traditional methods.


The very best DEVELOP opportunities will be invited to progress directly to Stage 2 – LAUNCH programme, for investment preparation. Those that show promise but require further work may be eligible for some immediate funding (up to £50k as a convertible loan) to help them reach the level from which they can progress to LAUNCH.



LAUNCH is a bespoke programme run across all BioCity and MediCity sites. It takes the most promising opportunities (typically from our DEVELOP) programme and helps them to become market and investment ready and ultimately to raise the money they need to progress.


LAUNCH will:


  • Refine and rehearse your investment ‘pitch’
  • Fill in the gaps in your business knowledge
  • Introduce you to potential mentors and non-execs
  • Provide the introductions to pitch to a range of investors including BioCity Group


Companies at BioCity have raised over £50m in venture capital. The LAUNCH programme will help you add your name to the list that have successfully raised investment.

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